Personality Transformation

Sunil Rathod Fitness transforms your body through a natural process. It brings a change which can be sustained for long with no side effects in later period of life. Many gym trainers misguide youngsters by advising drugs to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass. These performance enhancing drugs are banned substances. They have adverse effect on our body which is not visible from outside.

Sunil Rathod Fitness fitness generates a unique fitness plan which is based on your body type. It is more effective and gives results faster. Each body is unique and respond differently when we give the same exercise stimulus. This is the reason why most of the fitness apps fail to deliver the desired results. They generate the workout and diet plans based on few body parameters only.

Our training is based on five components of fitness viz. muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition. All these components are interrelated and important for developing overall fitness. We includes all of them in the training program. For us, Fitness is a bigger goal than just muscle building or weight loss. When you are fit, you can take out peak performance from the body.

We do weekly review to monitor your progress towards fitness goals. According to the progress, we make progression and regressions in fitness plan systematically. Our personal trainer ensures that you move towards your goal week by week. No one reaches to his or her goals by chance in the month end. You need to accomplish smaller goals every week for reaching bigger goal at the month end.